Sunday, March 4, 2012


I only used 1 1/4 yards this week but that really didn't surprise me.  I have my little princess visiting me and there are so many distractions!  With a smiling face like this, who wouldn't be?

I started the applique blocks for the barnyard baby quilt and I cut out the green border for my UFO string quilt.  Notice I didn't say I actually sewed anything, I barely got it cut out! 

Used this week:  1.25 yards

Used Year to date in 2012:  54.875 yards

Added this week:  2 yards

Added Year to date in 2012:  35.125

Net used in 2012:  19.75 yards


  1. Yes in deedy! That little beauty would be a distraction. It would be very hard to tear yourself away from her, I can see. She sure is a beauty!
    Lynne in Hawaii

  2. Thanks Lynne. Not only is she beautiful, she is way too smart for a 3 year old and has more personality than any little person I have ever been around. But then I'm her Nana so guess I'm a little biased! I think I have more love for her than I do my own children! Never thought that was possible!


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