Thursday, March 29, 2012


When I visited the quilt shop last week on my FFA Chaparone trip, I found this piece of fabric.  I really have no idea what or how I'm going to use it but I just loved the cactus against the black background.  It goes quite well with all my other Texas fabric.  I'm sure my creative juices with produce something fun.

And who could resist the is Texas Toile?  I originally bought it for a backing for the Texas Quilt I just made but the more I look at it, I think it deserves to be on the top of a quilt.  But if I save it for a quilt top then what am I going to use for the back of the Texas quilt?  Hmmm....

And this is my favorite of all.  I just love these colors.  Peach is probably my favorite color, although I buy more red than anything else.  I actually didn't buy these three pieces.  This is the fabric I got for trading quilting.  My friend Jan told me this wasn't exactly what she would picture me picking out.  I told her the old Doris, the one she never knew before I married Gregg, would have picked this in a heartbeat.  My bedroom quilt used to be a peach and blue, very feminine, flower-y, quilt with a peach eyelet bed skirt and matching window treatment.  Gregg thought it was too girly when we got married and told me it had to go.  That's when I switched to the Americana theme.    Maybe it's time to switch again!  :)

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