Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I think I've mentioned that we are screening our covered patio but I haven't really told you about it.  I thought I'd share a couple of photos so you can see the progress.

This is the "before" picture. 

The walls are going up. 

Gregg makes a great helper for our friend Richard.

Now we're ready for the doors and the middle horizontal braces. 

The studs won't stay the white color.  The are just painted with a primer.  I have since painted all of them the medium brown, the same color as the 3 posts across the back.  The screen doors are also on.  It was too dark for a picture so I'll post one later.  We are now ready for the screen.  It is going to be so nice when it's done. 

We enjoy sitting on the patio but the mosquitoes will eat you alive!  We spray for them but they are still terrible!  Maybe it's from the 6 acre lake just behind the rotten board fence that is only about 15 feet from the patio.  But the rotten board fence is a whole other issue.  You can see part of it in the distance in a couple of the photos above.  Gregg doesn't want to replace it as the fence doesn't belong to us.  It belongs to the neighbor and they are less than friendly and have already gone around and around with the other neighbors about a "cattle panel fence" around the 6 acre lake.  Besides it will cost a fortune when someone does replace the fence; just our property has 22 - 8' sections!  In the mean time, I'm trying to plant trees and shrubs that will help hide the rotten board fence.

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