Friday, March 2, 2012

QUILTS OF VALOR #1 & 2 2012

I have been busy the last couple of days trying to catch up on quilting the Quilts of Valor that have been sent to me by some very generous and talented piecers (Is that a word?).  Please excuse the fact that I haven't trimmed the batting and extra fabric off yet.  I thought I'd better take advantage of the quilt holder while the gettin' was good!

This one was pieced by Barbara in Sugar Land, TX.  I love the pinwheels!  I doubt you can see it as I'm not a very good photographer but I quilted an edge to edge "USA" on it in linen colored thread.

And who could go wrong with red, white, and blue, and log cabin blocks?  Mary in The Woodlands, TX made a great choice.  Again, you probably can't see the quilting but I quilted "stars and stripes" in the borders and I quilted 2 eagles in each of the log cabin blocks with tan thread.

Now, I only have 5 more QOV's to quilt.  After this weekend, I hope to have only 3 or less. 


  1. Those are gorgeous!! Kind of jealous of the green in your back yard too!

  2. Thanks Alycia. We pay dearly for that green grass with a skyhigh water bill. However we are in the middle of a drought and are limited to watering 1 day a week. Not sure how long that's gonna hold out as not much rain in the future forecast either. Hate to lose my landscaping but would rather have water to drink too.


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