Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I'll bet you thought you were about to see some pictures or read about an exotic fun spring break vacation I should be on right now.  Well no, not this year.  This year I bought a new refrigerator with the money we might have went on vacation with on spring break.  Isn't it a beauty? 

My old one looked fine, but working fine was another story.  I have baby-ed it along since mid December.  You may remember reading my first post about the refrigerator.  Then a month ago, it quit cooling again, resulting in yet another service call.  Only to find out it will cost another $150-200.  After much pondering, having already spent $230 plus $50, we decided to bite the bullet and just buy a new one.  We tried to buy locally but no luck!  The local appliance store only had 1 in stock and it wasn't what I wanted.  Home Depot would have to order one and it wouldn't be here for 10 days.  Sears would also have to order one but it was cheaper than the one at Home Depot.  But, they wanted $75 to deliver here in town and set it up.  I don't think so!!!  I tried to negotiate the delivery fee but was told by the salesclerk that there was nothing she could do about the delivery fee.  I said fine, I'll take my business to Home Depot or Lowes.  We went to Lowes in Abilene and they had what I wanted and it was on sale and they deliver to Brownwood for free, set it up, and haul off my old one!  And merchants wonder why we don't buy locally!  I tried, I really did!

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  1. Nice fridge! Glad you found one you like . . even if you had to go to Abilene to get it.


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