Thursday, March 1, 2012


Dad came to my rescue and finished painting the mantle to match the bookcases.  I love it!! (The mantle and the fact that dad painted it.)  Of course when the camera came out, Raleigh had to be in the picture. She really is a cutie pie but looks like a rag muffin in this picture.  She still has her pj's on and her hair hasn't been brushed yet. 

 Did I mention I love it when my mom and dad come to visit!  Not only do I enjoy the visit and this time was especially great because they brought Raleigh with them, but I love all the projects dad completes while he is here.  He has to stay busy or he gets bored and when he gets bored then he thinks about going home.  NOOOO!  And mom keeps the house picked up and cooks while I'm helping dad or quilting or playing with Raleigh.  Then most evenings are spent playing a game of cards like Liverpool Rummy or Back Alley.


  1. I am a white wood person, but I LOVE that look that you accomplished. Way to GO. great you have your parents too. Keep on Quilting!

  2. I certainly never thought I'd be a black wood person at all. But it's really growing on me and I love my new look too. My sister Rhonda has painted numerous things black and I loved her new look. She inspired me!


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