Saturday, March 17, 2012


It's Independence Day for William anyway!  Yesterday he took his driver's test, although he turned 16 on leap day  He had to wait until he completed his driver training class "drive times".  He had to have 11 drive times completed before the state of Texas would let him take his driving test.  He passed it with flying colors.  He scored 100 out of 100.  The test officer told Gregg he was a very good driver! 

He and Gregg were also "busting at the seams" to buy a vehicle.  They finally accomplished it.  Gregg had this pickup spotted about a week ago.  After looking up the "Kelly Blue Book" value, he tried to convince me it was a "great deal".  Guess it worked.  We are now the owners of a 2003 GMC Pickup.  William is one happy kid and we are two broke parents!


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