Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Let's face it.  The scenery in central Texas isn't usually something that people would drive a long distance to see.  Cactus and Mesquite trees are just not real exciting.  Unless, it happens to be springtime in central Texas and it's bluebonnet/wildflower blooming season.  Yesterday afternoon I talked Gregg into taking a little drive down Highway 45 towards Richland Springs, Texas to "check out the bluebonnets".  Last year on our way to San Antonio, we happened across the most beautiful bluebonnets.  And I was hoping we would see the same thing again this year.  I wasn't disappointed!  I have heard about the bluebonnets in Texas before we moved here and have seen numerous pictures and postcards in various places.  You know what, they don't even come close to the real thing.  It is unbelievable.  They are absolutely beautiful!  It's really too bad I'm not a better photographer!  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed the real thing.

Both sides of the road in lots of places were a sea of bluebonnets.

Ok, these aren't bluebonnets but it's still pretty Indian Paintbrush.  It's usually mixed in with the bluebonnets but here was a patch of just Paintbrush.

This house was surrounded on all four sides with bluebonnets.  Wouldn't you love to have this view in your front yard every spring?  I would! 

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