Tuesday, February 7, 2012


The donation quilt for the FFA Booster Club Silent Auction this Saturday evening is finally pieced!  And Murphy's Laws of Quilting kept rearing their ugly head time after time through this whole process.  However, I persevered and I won!  It's now in the quilting frame and the first row is quilted.  Personally I think it really deserves some custom quilting but there is no time or energy for that this time. 

Speaking of Murphy's Laws of Quilting, I ran across this article in an old Fons and Porter March/April 2005 Magazine issue.  Here are a few of my personal favorites the author Karen Buck published.

1.  No matter how much of a particular fabric you have for the quilt you want to make, you will always be a half a yard short.
2.  If you have a piece of fabric 10" wide and need five 2" wide strips, you will cut one of those strips 2 1/2" wide and be short one strip.
3.  The fabric you need more of to complete the quilt in #1 above was discontinued last month.
4.  You will always run out of bobbin thread 1" before the end of the last border seam.
5.  The only beverage you will NEVER spill on your project is water.
6.  The more time (and money) you spend making a quilt for your son, the more likely it is or will end up as a dog bed cushion.
7.  When you measure twice and cut once, the piece is still too short.
8.  If a pin goes astray on the floor, you will step on it.
10.  The greatest quilting law of all is that in spite of numbers 1-9, we just keep stitchin along.

Just to recap what went wrong with this.... I cut the light blue background fabric thinking I was cutting the royal blue for the inner and outer borders, thus not having enough background fabric.  Of course, I had already appliqued the cactus onto a piece of the background fabric.  Searched several local shops to no avail.  Had to start over on that.  Sewed the flying geese section with the geese flying the wrong direction.  Frogged that one.  Skipped sewing the final royal blue border on and sewed both sides of the final border on before I realized I skipped a border.  Frogged that too.  Sewed the final border on both sides and realized the flowers were growing upside down.  Frogged that too.  Was 1 1/2" short of the top and bottom final border and had to cut and add another piece to make it long enough.   Geesh!  Thank goodness that was the final border.  I'm glad that Texas #2 is finished.  All the pieces and components are ready for Texas #3 to be put together.  Surely the third time is a charm!

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