Wednesday, February 29, 2012


February come and went and I didn't finish my UFO challenge.  It was suppose to the the Very Hungry Catepillar Quilt for my granddaughter Raleigh.  However, it will still be on the agenda for March so I've got some catching up to do.  I need it finished by May for her birthday.  Judy at has posted the March UFO Challenge and the number to work on is


My March #8 is my house quilt.  Oh, goodie.  I had it out at the retreat to try to decide what to sash it with.  What do you think I should sash it with?  I thought about a deep red but not burgundy, also thought about a light medium blue.   


  1. I don't feel so bad now. I didn't finish a Feb. UFO either. Your houses are real cute. I like the idea of a deep red, but I think I would audition some off-the-wall black and white, just to see -- maybe a blk/white checkerboard look, or a blue that would not blend with the backgrounds of the blue blocks. You'll know it when you see the right color while auditioning. Looking forward to seeing it completed.

  2. I think the red. I am afraid the blue would get lost in the sky blocks...
    Lynne in Hawaii

  3. Only way to tell, is to place your lovely blocks on some fabric. A trip to your favourite quilt shop with all your blocks!

  4. i would say neither. there is already a lot of red, and the blue would confuse with the sky... what about black or blue or green???....

  5. Jennifer, I'm not a green person but I had not given any consideration to the black. I like the thought. I'll have to test it and see what I think.


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