Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday was Valentines Day and I'm sure none of you knew that!  My sweetheart drew his little cupid arrow and shot right through my heart again.  He picked up a dozen roses and left them on the table for me when I got home.  They are even more special because William arranged them in his FFA Floral Designs class.  Their class was selling roses as a fundraiser for Valentine's Day.  I think they did a fabulous job and I am also very pleased about the price; only $55 for a dozen!  I know you're not suppose to know what much a gift costs but William had already come home talking about it so that's how I knew.  Then that evening he took me to eat at the Brownwood Country Club where they had a fabulous menu and a live band.  We stayed and danced for about an hour but had to turn in early as we had a golf match to go to today. 

William also sent a single rose to his special friend.  I cannot refer to her as his girlfriend.  I am informed they are just friends.  However moms know more than sons think and I think she's a girlfriend; at least in my mind.  I had the following conversation with him when I picked him up from school.
Me:  So... how did she like the rose?  What did she say?
William:  I'm not telling you.
Me:  You don't have to give me details, just summarize.
William:  She said Thanks.
Me:  Ok, maybe I need a few more details than that, just not word for word.
William:  She said Thank you William.
Hmmm... I don't think I'm going to get much more than that from him.  And he used to tell me everything.  Then I said, well... did she like them.
William:  Yep

I give up... for now.

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