Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Would someone please tell me why I keep back issues of magazines?  My parents will be here tomorrow for a visit and will probably stay a week or so.  I know I've mentioned it before, but did I tell you that they are bringing my little princess Raleigh with them?  I'm so excited and her momma says she's just as excited about going to stay at Nana's house too.  So, since they are coming, I thought I'd better clean house a little.  Cleaning is not my strong point; after all, I'd rather be sewing or quilting, or scrapbooking, or working outside in my yard.  Actually just about anything but cleaning!  I've already sorted through a stack of magazines that collected on the coffee table that was at least 2 feet tall and I still have another one at least a foot tall on my side table next to my chair.  My goal is to go through and tear out the patterns of quilts I might like to make someday.  I could live to be 200 years old and I would never have time to make all these that I have cut out and saved.  Now the next big hurdle is what to do with them now that I've cut them out.   

My 15, almost 16 year old son (his birthday is on leap day next week) is suppose to clean his room before grandma and grandpa get here too.  Unfortunately, I'm not a good example to follow.  Gregg saw this sign on the internet that says "My room is not messy, it's an obstacle course designed to keep me fit."  He immediately thought of William (thank goodness he didn't say he thought of me!).  It is so true to form for William's room.  Occasionally I have to go to his room to the walk-in closet that I have important things stored in and it truly is an obstacle course.  There are shoes, game controllers, cords, cups, clothes,  computers, and who knows what else in the middle of the floor, right in my path to the closet.  The room is now "clean" in his eyes and there is a clear path to the closet.  However, I don't dare look under his bed or in his other closet in the room. 

I've probably "cleaned" as much as I'm going to also.  At least I have the bed cleared off in the sewing room/guest bedroom so they have a place to sleep.  And even if I didn't clean at all, we would enjoy their visit just as much.  It just motivates me to do something with all my junk important stuff so that I don't make an appearance on TV as a hoarder!



    Scan the patterns you like most into your computer and put them on CDR's. Save the magazines to sell, or to give to a guild or whomeever you want to favor with them. I have built my stash from friends, quilt shows selling them and anywhere I can find ones past the age of 1995.

  2. Depending on the area you live in trying to give away magazines may not be an easy thing. If you have already ripped out the patterns then the magazine can just go in the recycling.

    If there are no patterns you want (or it is any magazine that is intact) you could try senior citizen centers, your public library, or nursing homes/assisted living establishments. They may be willing to take the magazines in for their residents.

    You could try selling them on eBay or Etsy or on your blog. . . but you might find that more of a pain then it is worth.

    Donating to a thrift store/Good Will/Salvation Army is also an option (and with a receipt you can get a tax deduction for the year).

    There is also the yard sale option. . . again if you think it would be worth the trouble.

    In my area of NJ it is very hard to "pass on" quilt magazines unless they are the most recent issues. . . .so I just pull the items I want and recycle the rest.

    Good luck & happy visiting!

  3. Thanks for all the ideas for my magazines. I had not thought about scanning the patterns of the ones I liked. Will have to do that! NO YARD SALES for me. I hate them.... love to go to them... just don't want to host one. I would rather have the tax write off and donate to Goodwill or Good Samaritian.


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