Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Ok, so it isn't Monday!  As typical, (and as my mom would say) I'm a day late and a whole lot of dollars short.  This is what's on my design wall floor and I suspect it will be there for a while.  My mom and dad are coming to visit on Thursday for a week or two AND, they are bringing my sweet little princess, Raleigh with them.  I doubt there will be much sewing or quilting accomplished while they are here! And I doubt I should leave it on the floor either; better pack it up till they leave.  These are the blocks laid out for my Winter Wonderland that surround the center embroidery blocks.  It will also be in this state until I get to a quilt shop that carries the Moda white tone on tone snowflake fabric.  I ran out and need 4 more 6 1/2" blocks cut out.


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