Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The Brownwood FFA Booster Club has one fundraiser every year.  It is a Valentine Dance, Steak Dinner and Silent Auction and for the past 3 years I have donated my fabric, batting and time to piece and quilt a quilt for the Silent Auction.  This year Mrs. Cockerham, one of the Ag instructors said she had a quilt kit that she was willing do donate if I wanted to use it.  Perfect, of course I do!  And when I saw it I thought even more Perfect.  It was the Texas Quilt by Tricia Cribbs at Friendfolks in Graham, Texas.  When Mrs. Cockerham handed me the kit, she said I have another one of these kits at home and I think I want you to make it for me when you get this one done. 

I have been wanting to make this quilt for quite some time.  In fact, it was one of the first Texas Quilt Patterns I bought and for whatever reason, just never made it. Maybe it was because it kinda had a scrappy look and remember, I don't do scrappy very well.  I love, love, love scrappy quilts but I am too "matchy-matchy" and over think, and a over analyze, and over match everything.  It takes me forever to pick out fabrics from my stash and scraps and I make the biggest mess when I do.  I pull out fabrics and then don't end up using them and then pull out more fabrics because what I've already pull out don't match quite right so I pull out more fabrics.... It's a vicious circle!! So anyway, this time it was a kit, all the hard part was already picked out for me.  I don't have to think about it.  YAY!!

And then my brain kicked into overdrive, What if I made all three of them at once?  I wouldn't have to organize my thoughts and wrap my mind around the construction process 3 different times.  I already have the fabric for 2 of them.  I could just pick out similar fabrics from my stash for mine.  Hmmmm.....

Soo, here are the log cabin blocks for the Silent Auction quilt. 

I thought they were just a little too scrappy for me so the second set for Mrs. Cockerham I planned a little.... just a little.... 

In reality they really don't look a whole lot different than the first set.  So the third set for myself I planned a whole lot more.  I wanted a more traditional log cabin look so here are my blocks.  I still have one more "round" to put on them but I think they're going to work. 

I also have the center block appliqued.  It has the cutest verse but I don't really want to put that much time into a donated quilt and I really don't have that much time before the fundraiser anyway so I contacted a lady in our guild to see if she could machine embroidery the verse and maybe a bluebonnet in place of the boy and girl square dancing.  I'm still waiting for her to get back with me.

I know I'm probably insane but I really think doing all three of these at the same time is going to save me time and mental anguish in the long run.  And I get another Texas quilt to add to my trunk show that's available for Guilds and Quilt Shops.


  1. i think you are hitting on all cylinders! my idea of whipping out the 3............and of the blocks, i like the way you made yours the best as well. good deal all around!
    great support of the group too! Proud of ya!

  2. Haha! One of the few times I'm hitting on all cylinders. I generally fall in love with every quilt I make and sometimes am hesitant to give them away but I love the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I do. The group sure appreciates what I do and that's good enough for me.

  3. Greetings from New Braunfels! I’ve enjoyed a quick scroll through your blog. I invite you to
    visit my most recent post, kaholly, to learn how as a TX quilter, you can help Operation
    Homefront-TX with a little project of theirs. Please share with your guild and your other TX quilting friends! Thanks, karen


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