Monday, January 2, 2012


I haven't posted my New Years Resolutions yet.  I didn't want to post the usual "lose weight, budget my money better, file my mail away promptly, eat healthy" etc. I guess I wanted my resolutions or "goals" to be more profound?!  (I don't know what I wanted but it wasn't the traditional things.)  Then I read a friend's post on facebook and I like her resolution so I'm stealing it.  Thanks Jessica!  Here it is:

I want MORE! This year I will live my life 'MORE'! That's my motto for 2012! Do MORE, enjoy MORE, help MORE, learn get the idea and I think it fits nicely with Quilting.  Make MORE quilts, help people make MORE quilts, learn MORE quilting techniques, enjoy MORE time with my friends at quilting retreats, quilt MORE quilts on my longarm, buy MORE fabrics (oops did I really say that :))  finish MORE UFO's  ... 

Seriously though, MORE is always better (well usually, unless you're talking about bad luck) and I think I can fit the MORE resolution into my personal life too, not just my quilting life.  I challenge you to do MORE in your life too in 2012.

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