Monday, January 9, 2012


YAY!!! Another UFO quilt top is finished!  The Let's Play Quilt top if finished. If you remember from my earlier post I finished the blocks and was un-decided about what to do with the border to make it at least a twin size quilt.  Well, I finished out the nine patch on the top and bottom borders and that added 4" to the length.  Then I added a narrow navy pindot border and that added 2".   Then I made a top and bottom border from a charm pack that I had matching the fabric, adding 9" to the length.  The last border is 7 1/2" finished.  The quilt measures 65" x 90".  I'll take that for a twin size quilt.  I used the leftover border fabric and made a strip down the middle for the backing.  I put a red pindot on each side of the strip down the middle.  Now my backing is ready along with the top for quilting.  Double YAY!

Gregg asked me, "What is this quilt for?" with a rather disgusted tone in his voice.
I said, "It's not for anything, I just made it because I bought the fabric a long, long time ago and it keeps me from going to the quilt shop and buying something new that I might like better.  Why does it have to be for someone?"
He says, "Well it looks cute for a little boy, you better save it in hopes you have a grandson to give it to someday." 
I still don't know why it has to be for someone!?


  1. I feel your pain from your husband's examination. My hubby does the same thing, so lately I just try not to show him what I am doing. They just don't get it..

  2. They sure don't get it! I have to ask my hubby to hold my quilts while I take a picture for the blog or I wouldn't bother either. I'm working on getting a design wall and I can't wait so I won't have to ask for his help anymore. He always does it but usually grumbles too.


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