Monday, January 23, 2012


Remember my post 01/03/12 when I took the Galil card out of the computer of my Statler Stitcher Quilting Machine. Well, that part came back today and guess what else?  There were no repairs needed according to the technicians report.  Great!  And I just spent $75 for you to tell me that and was down 20 days??!!

I now have the part installed back in the computer, called the Statler Stitcher Technician for him to re-calibrate or re-program or whatever it is that they call it.  Guess what else.... it won't work.  I spent from 10:30 a.m. this morning until 5:10 p.m. this evening troubleshooting off and on with the technician to no avail!! 

At one point I even had to secure a voltage meter (and use it) to see if the motor was making connection with the computer.  Supposedly it is.  And then I had to do some very redneck creative engineering to make the motor run.  I had to take the battery pack from the cordless drill, rig two paperclips from the terminal posts of the battery pack to the wire connector of the motor and hold them in place with two rubber grips from ink pens so I wouldn't get shocked.  The motor ran like a top!  I restarted everything and "Houston we have a take off".  It was working... or atleast the program opened up.  I got off the phone with the technician, attempted to sew, and guess what again.  It stitched a couple of stitches, stopped, stitched a couple more, stopped....almost as if it had a short in it.  Restarted again, (so many times now I've lost count), nothing works again.  DARN IT!!!!  Guess what... I'm on the phone again tomorrow.

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  1. i am having the same problem with my ISP, the tech was out here last nite at 8pm and I dont know if it will work when the area kids come home and get online. However, your frustration is real big to me. I hope that the company sends someone out TO YOU, to get this going continuously. sounds like something is not making a good contact and useing paper clips will short out something major. Be strong. You can tell them it is a short. And in the motor doesnt the brushes in it (if there are any) need to be changed out?
    I know in my car the starter or something had brushes-LOL


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