Monday, January 16, 2012


After 4 years, I finally finished this Four Patch Posey UFO.  I had the center section finished but of course, you know me, can't do a little quilt.  I had to make it bed size.  There was just one problem.  You can't really see it in this picture but the center set of blocks are all sashed in a green fabric.  Of course, I didn't have anymore of the fabric, no selvage to tell me the name of the line of fabric, and it was the oddest green color ever.  I carried a swatch me with for over a year and looked everywhere to no avail. 

The ladies at Quilting Cousins in Clifton, TX thought they had something that would match that they used for a backing on a quilt but only had a few scraps.  She sent it to me and you're not going to believe it but it matched; not the same print but same color family. 

But I was still at a loss as to what and how to finish it. Whoo Hoo, Judy at Patchwork Times to the rescue.  She had a tan fabric that was kinda greenish that coordinated just perfect.   I used the green fabric from Quilting Cousins for the green border around the center section and I used Judy's tan fabric to set the 4 patches on point for a pieced border, finishing with a border of the focus fabric I cut the 4 patches out of.  And I still have enough of Judy's tan fabric for a binding.  So here it is.  The finished quilt top; and it's queen size.  YAY!


  1. That is truly lovely. What an accomplishment. I have a 4-patch posey on my to do list (even bought the fabric to make the poseys, but have not started it yet. Congrats on a beautiful quilt.

  2. This is very lovely and a true masterpiece. Congratulations on your finish. Judy C

  3. looks great! is the 4 patch posy technique similar to kaliedescope, or the one block wonders?

  4. Thanks all. Jennifer, I'm not sure. I haven't made a one block wonder quilt or a stack and whack but it is my understanding it's like a stack and whack but you layer your fabric in 4 layers in the same position and cut squares instead of triangles.

  5. Looks like lots of time went into this quilt! Congrats!


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