Monday, January 16, 2012


We survived another Brown County Texas Youth Fair.  William did a great job showing both his goats and we were surprised with the results.  We thought Bevo the 5th was our best goat but he placed 7th in his class of 21 goats.  Not bad though.  As it turned out Longhorn placed 6th in his class of goats.  By the way, I bet you can't tell that William is a over-the-top University of Texas Longhorn Fan.  And every year he has named his goat Bevo the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th (after the UT mascot).  Meanwhile back at the Goat Show, the judge commented that all of the goats in both of the classes were excellent goats and if you placed low in these classes, it didn't mean you had a bad goat, it just meant that you had a lousy draw and were competing against some powerhouse goats.  We pay very little in comparison to the top 5 goats that won both of these classes.  We only give a few hundred dollars for our goats, which in my opinion is a couple hundred too much but the winners in these classes pay thousand's of dollars for their goats.  Now that's just crazy! 

Our sale results were not as rewarding.  William was pretty disappointed but there were some variables that did now work in his favor.  The first and foremost is that he placed 6th in his class and they sell all the Champion animals first, then the reserve champion animals, then the 1st place animals, and so on.  So by the time you get to the 6th place animals, bidders and auctioneers have been doing this for almost 4 hours.  The second thing is we are not native Brown countians.  We are transplants and rather new ones at that.  We have only lived here 5 years.  We are not exactly well known in the community, although my hubby has served as Chamber President, on the civil service committee for the city, church trustee, and a host of other volunteer committees.   You would think everyone and their dog would know us, but they don't (thank goodness).  The other thing is that when William got into the sale ring, the auctioneer didn't announce his name (along with several kids before and after him also).  There was some confusion from a bidder about who was selling and by the time they figured it out, the auctioneer announced him sold.  Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes.  Despite Williams disappointment, there was record breaking dollars spent on the youth of Brown County and a HUGE THANK YOU goes out to all the individuals and businesses that supported these kids.

Since it was a Premium Sale, which means the animal doesn't sell, the buyer is just being generous and supporting the youth of Brown County.  Bevo the 5th went on the truck to market (probably in Mexico) and Longhorn went back to the FFA Farm barn to be fed till time to show at the Houston Stock Show in March.  Now before you get too excited, we don't have great expectations for winning anything in Houston.  We are just doing it for the experience and because it gets him more points on his FFA State Degree and potential scholarship applications.  And it will make for great memories down the road someday.

Bevo the 5th


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