Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've been a busy little worker bee since my quilting machine is broke down.  I've been wanting to paint these two built-in bookcases that are on each side of the fireplace.  I've been to Home Depot and got my black paint and yesterday I got the first coat of paint on them.  I'm so excited.  I think they are going to look great. 

Gregg on the other hand, is not nearly as excited about me painting them as I am.   And I'm not even asking him to help me!  I did have to seek the help of our dear friend Richard though.  I wondered why they (the previous tenants) painted over the hinges and now I think I know.  They couldn't get the screws out and stripped them trying to do so, so they painted them.  So now I'm  trying to take them out and the head of the screw is not only stripped out but it is now full of dried paint and they are stuck and wouldn't turn even if they weren't stripped.  I spent one whole evening trying to get them out and didn't have much luck.  Richard came over and had them out in about 15 minutes! 

I now have the first coat of paint on them and I like it but I don't like it.  I used a satin finish latex enamel paint and I don't like it.  It looks too dull and reminds me of a chalkboard.  Gregg certainly didn't like it either.  So today I went to Home Depot and bought more paint.  This time a semi-gloss.  I didn't get a chance to paint this afternoon/evening and won't get to tomorrow either, but I can't wait to finish this project on Saturday. 

Isn't this odd that they left this hole in the corner?  We can't figure out why.  What was their intention?  There is an outlet and there is also a switch, which operates an exhaust fan in the ceiling about the bookcase.  Perhaps it was a corner for a console TV that was so popular in the late 70's and 80's.  Gregg thinks the original owner may have been a smoker and that was an exhaust fan for him.  I don't know, I really don't thinks so, but maybe.

My next dilemma will be to paint or not paint the mantle.  Of course, Gregg doesn't think so but I'm thinking I should.  Can you tell he doesn't like change too much?  Remember he's the one who said "I like the house the way it is, that's why I bought it".  When I get the bookshelves painted I'll post a picture and you can decide. 


  1. Great deal for you. I think a heater went in that hole-lol. An electric heater maybe. I would write the previous owner and ask, it would bug me. LOL. I personally like white furniture and DH likes the black. I prefer gloss over all. I have white everything here
    but I have seen some black furniture I liked lately. But will stick with what I have, my antique bed that cost me 20.00 for headboard/ftboard was in white, and shabby chic-LOL

  2. I would have never painted anything black until I saw my sister's kitchen cabinets painted black and then my bff painted her builtin bookcase black and it looked great. Definately took away that 70's look. DH wants stainless in kitchen and I don't. Who would have guessed he wouldn't be crazy about the black bookcases?!
    Not sure but I think previous owners who built the home are no longer living. Darn because it sure does bug me too.
    What a buy on the antique bed for $20. I love finds like that!


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