Friday, December 9, 2011


Ever had one of those days or in my case night?  Almost everything I've touched or tried to do has gone wrong.  Some of you already know my luck last week with the refrigerator and then the car.  Well night before last last night I was baking some butter cookies with my nifty little cookie press.  I thought I had some almond extract and of course, did not, so I just left it out.  It's only a 1/2 teaspoon.  It surely wouldn't matter that much!  Then I forgot to sprinkle the first sheet of cookies with the colored sugar.  WELL DARN!  The omission of the almond extract wasn't a major catastrophe.  They still tasted good but sure would have tasted better with it and with the sugar.  Must not have been too bad as we ate most of them and what we didn't eat, I took to work the next day.  So last night I decided to bake another batch of butter cookies WITH the almond extract.  First cookie sheet in the oven.  Preparing cookies for the second cookie sheet and my cookie press broke.  WELL DARN!!! Had to roll out in little balls and smash with a fork.

Tonight I decided to make a loaf of bread machine bread to go with the ham we're having.  Guess what, I forgot to put the little kneader tool thingy in the bottom of the canister that stirs and kneads the bread.  WELL DARN!  How am I going to get the contents of the canister out of the bread machine into a bowl so I can put the little kneader tool thingy in it.  Gregg says can't you just pull the canister out.  Yeah and all the contents will fall out of the 1 1/2" diameter hole in the bottom of the canister that you put the kneader tool thingy through and into the bread machine and the heating element in the bottom!  Had to dump the contents of the canister into a bowl and that was quite tricky.  Then I'm binding another iron caddy and forgot to put the handles on before I put the binding on.  Had to rip that out.  WELL DARN again. 

Go back to my supper preparations and decided at the last minute to have some green beans with my ham.  Checked on the bread and just as I suspected, the bread didn't rise.  It's only about 1 1/2" tall in the canister!  Guess pouring the contents into a cold bowl messed up the yeast action.  DARN AGAIN!  Got the green beans on the stove and now it's almost time for the potatoes to be done and the ham is already done.  Green beans were, as my mother says, "heated up but not cooked"  It's still all edible, except the bread!

Now I'm cleaning up the mess.  A shock to most of my family members, especially my mother!  I hate cleaning things up and am not too dedicated about doing it in the evening.  (Awe just leave it till morning!)Somehow I managed to "splash" soap suds all over the back splash, up on the side of the upper kitchen cabinets and on the window ledge and onto the antique fruit jars lining the window ledge.  Trying to wipe that up, I get my sleeve (the part above my elbow) in the dishwater and get it all wet. I give!  I quite! I'm done!  I'm just going to check out Pinterest the rest of the evening!  Surely I can't mess up my laptop doing that!

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