Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Each year I try to make an ornament for my kiddo's.  There have been a few years I didn't make one or I made two in one year to make up for the year I didn't do one.  This year I saw these cute little Santa Paintbrushes on Pinterest.  (At least I thought they were cute).  I also thought they would be quick and easy to make.  I was right on one account.  They were easy, quick not so much! 

When I was through I asked William "So how do you like my Santa's?" 
He looked them up and down and said "I've seen worse impersonations of Santa".
I said "Well, you're getting them anyway.  And in 20 years you can look at them and say can you believe mom made us these ugly Santa ornaments".
He said "Why wait 20 years, we can do it now!" 

I'm hurt!  Anyway here's how the easy part went and the not so quick part too. 

First I painted the handles of the brushes.  Well, I asked William to paint the handles for me.  He did it... kinda.... He got the paint on a little thick in places (he was trying to cover up the writing on the handle).  I told him he could have given it more than one coat!  Then he painted both sides at the same time and laid the wet, painted side down on the newspaper, which, of course stuck!  Urgh!  If you want anything done right, do it yourself. 

Couldn't find the pink felt so went to Walmart to get some.  Cut out the felt and glued it on the brushes.  Cut the boa trim for the hat band.  Had to anchor it down with something heavy so the glue would stick.  Had to wait for that to dry.

Couldn't find the little movable eyes I know I have somewhere but found some blue beads instead and used them for the eyes.  Glued them on.  Scrounged through my button tin for some small hot pink buttons for the mouth.  Only found 1.  Went to Walmart again.  No buttons that would work.  Went to the local fabric shop.  Found the buttons that would work.  Glued them on.

Finally found the tote that had the pom poms in them.  Only had 2 larger ones but am using the smaller ones just so I can call this project done and check it off my list of "to do" things before Christmas.

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