Sunday, December 11, 2011


My quilting group I belong to, that I refer to often as the most awesome quilting friends ever, met today for our Christmas Party and gift exchange.  This year we were to buy a quilting notion or gadget for each person.  I'll share what I got with you tomorrow but today I have to show you these adorable quilted scarves that Sheila was working on.  I just love them and I don't even wear a scarf!  I just hate anything around my neck. Do you recognize the snowmen faces from the Snow Crazy Quilt I blogged about in an earlier post? 

This one is so cute with the roses and harlequin fabric.

Donna looks smashing in this scarf.  She tried to wear it home but Sheila was keeping pretty close tabs on them.  Shelia also had a brown and red one that she had embroidered "faith" and "hope" on a block on each side.  The possibilities are endless for design.  I wonder if my daughter or daughter-in-law would like one of these.  Or maybe my mom or aunt Del or sisters?  How many can I get done between now and Christmas? (I didn't say which Christmas.... )

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