Saturday, December 31, 2011


Yesterday we went to Abilene to return a pair of boots at Cavendars that we got William for Christmas.  We actually got them in Austin but Abilene is about 50 miles closer and since that's all we needed to do (yeah right), we opted to go to Abilene.  We also needed to do this right away as he needed them for the Youth Fair that starts in less than 2 weeks.  Mr. Big Foot, aka William, used to be able to wear Gregg's shoes and boots, and for that matter his pants but he, Mr. Big Foot has taken a growth spurt and has now surpassed his dad in shoes, pants, and height.  We arrived at the boot store and much to William's disgust, there were only about 2 dozen pairs of boots in his size 13 boot and wouldn't you know it, the ones he decided up were mis-matched at the factory and had two right boots.  The salesman couldn't believe it and neither could we.  Just our luck.  He finally decided on this pair.
Then we're off to find a pair of jeans.  One might think this would be an easy task.  After all he's a boy and how many styles of jeans are there for men?  It also should be easy to just go pick his size.  But there's one problem.  Have you notice this non wearing jean kid wears elastic waist gym shorts most of his life.  He does put on a pair of his dad's khaki shorts to play golf in when forced to though.  So, three western stores later and lots of dollars later, we now have 2 pairs of jeans.  And I thought shopping with a teenage daughter was stressful!

Then we're off to Hobby Lobby for me.  I just needed a couple of things and this is what ended up in my cart.  Really?!?!  Gregg saw this same Christmas tree at the Coop at UT before Christmas and it was $40.  No way am I giving that much for a tree like that!  This has got to be the ugliest Christmas tree I have ever seen.  It was ugly at $40 and it's still ugly.  It's a good thing it was 66% off and didn't cost the $40 to begin with here.  And of course we couldn't pass up a candy cane of UT Christmas ornaments to put on it. 
While we're at Hobby Lobby, William mentions that he is going to need black pants, white shirt, and black shoes for "official dress" for FFA.  Remember he's been wearing Gregg's clothes and shoes but he's outgrown them.  So we're off to Kohl's because I remembered I had a $10 Kohl's cash coupon.  Again lots of dollars later, we're now decked out with pants, shirt, and shoes for official dress. 

And I thought Christmas was over.  I want to spend my money on quilt fabric again!

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