Saturday, December 31, 2011


Happy New Year to each of my blog readers.  Since I haven't been blogging all of 2011, many of you don't know me or what has happened prior to the start of this great adventure.  I'll have to say it's been an adventure and it's been fun and rewarding. 

I personally will be glad to say good bye to 2011 and welcome 2012.  I'm starting the year off with some changes to my life, well sorta.... at least my living quarters.  I'm taking the spare bedroom captive and making it my sewing room.  I'd call it my studio but that name belongs to the little building behind my house that is home to my statler stitcher quilting machine.  I took the two book cases that were on each side of the TV in the living room and I took the bookcase that matched them that was in William's room.  They now have a new home in the sewing room.  Gregg is jealous.  He says he would like to have just one place in his house that belongs to him.  He says it isn't fair!  Poor guy!

I went to Home Depot today to get black paint to paint the two built-in bookcases that are on each side of the fireplace.  I don't think Gregg is too happy about that decision.  He says he likes the house the way it is.  That's why he bought it (5 years ago).  He also said I always like an "older" home so why am I trying to update it?  I reminded him that I love old antique type homes, not homes that are retro (1970).  Do you know we still have the original cook top and double oven that was built in when the house was built in 1976 and the original light fixtures in the bathroom.  You know the swag lights that hang from chains over the vanity in the bathroom.  I realize that if I leave them long enough they will be back in style but I'm afraid I might die before that happens.

And I'm going to re-arrange the living room furniture.  I don't know exactly how yet but it's going to be different than it is now.  It may involve a new sectional sofa and/or a flat screen TV that can be mounted on the fireplace (who knows!).  The master bedroom is going to play upset the fruit basket and get a new look too.  And William's bathroom is going to get a face lift with new faucet, light fixture and knobs on the cabinets.  The 70's look is going away. 

And last but not least, there are plans to screen the covered patio. 

Think it will all happen?  I certainly hope so.

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