Saturday, December 10, 2011


Will someone please remind me why I'm outside on this warm, windy, balmy 43 degree day to watch my child walk a goat around in front of a judge to get a 3rd place ribbon instead of in my nice warm studio working on a quilt or my Christmas presents that I haven't finished yet.  Oh yeah, because I love my child and support everything he chooses to participate in, and because I'm the FFA Booster Club Treasurer, and because I love my husband who moved us to this great state, and because they have their youth fairs in the dead of winter because it's too hot in the summer - that's why!  I realize it's hot in the summertime in Texas but come on, it's also cold in the wintertime too.  Surely there could be a compromise and do this in the spring or fall when the weather is perfect!

Anyway, today was the Brownwood FFA Chapter Livestock Show sponsored by the FFA Booster Club so here we are, cold and all.  It was a good day for the kids.  It gives them some experience showing their animal and gives them some idea about where they stand when it comes to fair time - which is only a month away.  Seems kinda weird.  We've been here 5 years and I still can't get used to the fact that their youth fair is in January instead of July.  The first year we were here (and weren't showing any animals) the weather was nice.  You only needed a light jacket.  Guess what, it's been the coldest snap of the year the week of the fair every year since.  I wonder what this year will bring. 

William is the one 2nd from the left with his goat "Bevo the 5th".  He also has a second goat, named "Longhorn".  And yes they both have burnt orange collars.

Now he's the 3rd one from the left with Bevo the 5th. 

The judge told him he had a good looking goat and just needed to work with him more so he would set up easier.  Something we've been telling him but it's nice to hear someone else say it because your child seems to listen to someone else better than they listen to mom and dad.

He placed 3rd in his class and he was very pleased with that.  I would have gotten a picture of it but my fingers were froze and unable to push the button to take a picture.  Actually, I just plain forgot.  I was excited that he got 3rd place!  I also didn'[t take any pictures of him showing Longhorn but he placed 4th with him and that was good too. 

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