Saturday, November 26, 2011


I bought this Santa panel three years ago.  I don't even remember where!  And when I bought it I bought 3 panels! Wonder what I had in mind when I did that.  Was I going to make 3 quilts and maybe give the other two away or was it on sale and the end of the bolt?  I have no idea but I have 3 panels so maybe I'll make 3 quilts and give the other two to my two sisters, Rhonda and Jacque.  We'll see.

Then two years ago I found this fabric that I was pretty sure matched my Santa panel.  I originally thought I would use it for the backing but now I'm thinking I will use the Santa strip for a border.  What do you think?

I was digging through my stash and came up with this red, gold and navy fabric that coordinates perfectly with it. I just need to add some green. Green really isn't my favorite color so naturally I don't have many greens in my stash!

I played with EQ7 a little and came up with this.  Of course you have to use your imagination a little.  The solid white rectangles are the Santa panels.  I couldn't get the Santa border fabric to rotate in the final border so you have to pretend it's going to right direction.  And I couldn't figure out how to make my stars continue into the red border but that's what I had in mind to do.  When I actually get to make this I may change my mind all together, but it's a start and a plan.  Maybe I'll have time to play with EQ7 later this weekend and come up with something completely different.

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