Sunday, November 13, 2011


Quilting friends give the BEST presents!  Remember my pictures from my last birthday post?  Those friends were quilting friends too!  There are only 7 of us in this group, counting me.  The rule is suppose to be that we give the equivalent of 2 yards of fabric and a charm for our Brighton charm bracelet.  Check out all the Americana fabric I got.  Who would have guessed I love Americana fabric?!  I also got a little brag book for all my pictures of my granddaughters, a really cool box that my gift from Angela came in and some Bath and Body Works lotion.  And Linda gave me the cutest little "snap" bags she made.  The blue toile fabric is... wait for it... Texas themed fabric.  It has the Alamo, stock yards, Texas flags, etc. on it.  I can't wait to use it in something.  I'm such a lucky girl!!! 

I can't wait till I go home for Thanksgiving.  Since I've been such a great daughter, niece, and sister,  I will probably make another haul!  I'd be happy to go shopping in my dad's garage for my birthday.  He has the neatest junk in there!  Gregg just shakes his head and rolls his eyes and tries to tell me NO I can't bring it home but it doesn't usually work.  In fact, we're watching American Pickers right now and I said "Dad has some really cool junk in his garage just like this old guy.  The only thing is Dad doesn't hoard his stuff as much as this guy does.  He moves it out too fast.  He's gotta make a buck real quick."  Gregg says "Yeah, unfortunately, half of it moves to Texas in our garage now"!  How dare him!  If he thinks I bring half of it home, then it's ON!  Because I've been holding back trying to pick my battles! 

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