Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I love it when I am able to do things for my kids, especially when they request me to or "volunteer" me.  Seriously, I really do (most of the time)!  William is an officer in the Brownwood FFA Chapter and I am the treasurer for the FFA Booster Club so it seems I get volunteered often.  This time it was to make the refreshments for the "Greenhand Ceremony".  The problem was the ceremony was Monday evening after the long Thanksgiving break.  And where were we for Thanksgiving?  Yep, in Missouri, nearly 600 miles from home.  I knew I wouldn't want to bake and decorate 2 sheet cakes when we got home on Sunday evening and I doubt there was enough time to get them done anyway.  And I knew I had to work Monday morning at my part-time job I love so much.  And I knew that baking them Monday afternoon was cutting it way to close.  What if something went wrong!  Sooo.... I knew I had no choice but to do them over the break in Missouri.  I volunteered my wonderful sister, who is the expert cake decorator of the family to help me.  We baked and decorated these two cakes Saturday afternoon and yes, I transported them all the way from Missouri to Texas without any catastrophes! The kids (and parents too) loved the cakes and that made it all worthwhile!  I know my time is limited; my baby is a sophomore (boo hoo, tears, tears) so I'll cherish the volunteer jobs whenever thrown my way! 

PS.... Thank You Very Much Rhonda!  I couldn't have done this without you! 



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