Thursday, November 24, 2011


This is my newest granddaughter, my little angel, Josie.  Since I didn't finish her quilt before she was born, I thought I better finish it and take it home with me for Thanksgiving.  After all, it is a lot colder in Missouri than it is here in Texas and she just might need this to keep her warm.  Of course, it is quite a bit bigger than a typical baby quilt.  It's 54" x 68".  She will get swallowed up in it. 

I used the "Funny Babies" quilt panel I found at Quilting Cousins Quilt Shop in Clifton, Texas, added a checkerboard sashing around the panels and then designed a pieced rick rack border.  (It really isn't crooked like the picture makes it look like!)

I used a pink minkee backing that is sooo soft and cuddly.  She will just love this when she gets a little older.  I hope her momma lets her use it and not "save" it.  Nana can make her another one if she wears it out!


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