Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I'm still waiting to give away $100 worth of free quilting.  I need 100 followers to do so.  Please tell your friends to follow me.  I don't think I'll lead you astray or down the wrong path if you do!

I'm also still waiting to find my jean capri's.  I don't have a lot of clothes, and especially don't have a lot that fit me so when I wear something out or in this case can't find them, it really puts a strain on my wardrobe!  I know I wore them last week so where could they be?  I  asked Gregg if he remembered seeing them in the laundry.  By the way, I am very lucky to have a hubby that does most of the laundry.  I didn't say I particularly liked the way he does it, but HEY, it's clean and I didn't have to do it!  Anyway, he didn't know anything!  His question back to me was "Where have you been taking your clothes off at!"  Haha!  Very funny Gregg!  I even called my mother in Missouri to see if I by chance left them there when I was home visiting my little Angel Josie and my little Princess Raleigh. I was sure I had worn them since I had been back but it was worth a shot.  Can you believe she asked my the same question Gregg did!  Not funny again!  I have looked everywhere except the land of no return (aka William's room).  Have you been in a 15 year old boy's room lately.  Reminds me of a stinky boy's locker room at school.  I'm desperate though so wish me luck!   

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