Sunday, October 9, 2011


What a beautiful day in Brownwood.  Cooler temperatures, much needed rain yesterday, attended Sunday School and Church, wonderful lunch with my quilting group and sewing all afternoon with them, and then home to decorate the cookies I baked yesterday.  Raleigh and Josie will love getting their package from Nana this time.   (Well, maybe not Josie, but her mommy and daddy will love them.)
William tells me while I'm baking the Halloween cookies that "Oh by the way Mom, I need a dozen cookies for the FFA meeting Monday evening.  Do you have an FFA cookie cutter?" 
Me - What?  Do I have an FFA cookie cutter.  Noooo.... and I really doubt there is such a thing. 
William - Well then can you just do a circle and write FFA on them? 
Me - Great idea, I can do that.  That's easy enough.  (And what do you know, it's not Monday afternoon, or thirty minutes before the meeting.  So here are the FFA cookies.
Tomorrow I will post pictures of the "America The Beautiful" Quilt I finished today with my quilt group.


  1. CUTE cookies! Can't wait to see the America quilt... I am piecing on one right now, so I would love to see how you quilted it.

    Kat in Tamale Land

  2. Kat, Did you see the Americana quilt? Sorry I haven't quilted it yet though. Don't get to quilt my own very often but it's ready when I see an open window between customer quilts. Will post pics when I do.


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