Thursday, October 13, 2011


I have always thought the whole "play date" thing that moms do with their kids these days is... well we just never did that when we were kids or when my kids were kids.  But today I had what some today would refer to as a "Play Date" with my friend Judy.  We love to get together to "play" but I prefer to call it sewing!  We always have the best time.  We talk about anything and everything and "what happens in the sewing room stays in the sewing room" is definitely true!  We do manage to get quite a bit of sewing done too.  It keeps us both focused and on the task at hand instead of getting side tracked with other things.

Today I added a narrow navy border to the Americana quilt top I thought I finished previously.  I took the border off of my little Angel Josie's baby quilt and cut it down, and re-attached it so that the pieced border will now fit properly.  Pieced the pieced border together and realized I am 4 blocks short so couldn't finish the quilt until I make more blocks. And started piecing blocks in my all blue "Winter Wonderland" quilt top.  I got three 6" blocks completed and one 12" block completed before I realized it was 6:15 and Gregg was probably wondering if I was coming home or spending the night at Judy's house.


  1. You certainly can spend the night any time. That bottle of Choco Wine is in the fridge waiting for us! :)

    And yes, it is so fun when you're here to sew!

  2. Don't tempt me Judy. You just might have an overnight guest when you least expect it!


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