Friday, October 28, 2011


Sometime in the middle of the night, a week ago today my email account was apparently hacked!  It sent an email to everyone in my contact list stating that I was in Madrid Spain, that my luggage and all my credit cards and passport had been stolen.  Of course the hackers wanted all my contacts to "send money to get me home". 

My phone rang off the hook all day Saturday!  I got lots of emails and text messages stating they were sure it wasn't true but if I needed help to let them know.  I assured everyone that I was home in Brownwood but they could still send money if they wanted.  Haha!  No one sent me money!  Several friends wanted to know why I didn't invite them to come along!  That's one trip I don't think they want to go on!

I also assured them that I was fine other than being really irritated.  It seems that when I went into my account to change my password and implement a couple of other security measures, it deleted every single contact I had AND deleted all my messages in my inbox, draft box, sent box.  Guess what wasn't deleted... my Spam box.  Yep all 50+ messages in my spam box were still there; everything else gone!  I lost all my quilting contacts, my long lost friends/classmates, every contact. 

Have I whined enough yet about losing all my contacts?  Now the task of adding as many contacts back as possible.... URGH!!

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