Monday, October 31, 2011


I attended Jo Morton's School House Class at Market and was the lucky recipient of her newest book, hot off the press Prairie Flowers EncoreShe showcased a several quilts from her new line of fabric as well. 

I feel so fortunate that my name was drawn out of a packed room of probably 250+ quilters.  At the end, Jo gave away about 10 different items.  The first few items were won by international attendees, then a person from Oklahoma won something.  The next few items were by, you guessed it, international attendees.  The final name drawn was mine.  Someone commented rather loudly, "Well Texas is a country of it's own", so guess they considered me an international attendee also. The room broke out in a chuckle on that comment. And everyone also received a tote bag made from her fabrics as well.  Can you say Jackpot!

Most of you know that I'm not a huge fan of civil war repro's but I'll have to admit they are growing on me.  This quilt was very beautiful and I might even make it.  I like the fact that the applique is fairly large pieces (as far as applique goes) and wouldn't be too much of a challenge.

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