Thursday, October 6, 2011

FREE Giveaway

I know you've been waiting for it so here it is.  I'm giving away some free quilting.   I will give away $100 worth of free quilting when my "followers" reach 100.  We're almost halfway there so tell your friends.  Come follow me, even if you're not a quilter.  If your friends aren't quilters either, that's okay.  Maybe they'll like you enough to give the giveaway to you if they win.  I try to include some fun things other than quilting in my blog and occasionally try to tell a funny story... well, it seems funny to me! .... Like today....

Gregg comes home from work and says Sunni from the Chamber text him to say there would be a delay in the starting time of a meeting he was to attend.
Gregg text "ok"
Sunni text "WOW!!! You can text!"
Gregg text "I'm pretty hip"
Sunni text  "Saying the word "hip" when describing oneself in this day and age goes to prove how unhip you are !!  Just kidding!  Ur the hippest old dude I know!"

I thought I was going to fall out of my chair laughing so hard.  Sunni, you're the greatest!

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