Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 For the past six issues, McCall's Qulting Magazine has had a 6 part series entitled "America The Beautiful".  Since I'm such an Americana, Red, White, and Blue fan, of course I couldn't resist.  Even more importantly, my friends in my little quilting group were all making it too.  I couldn't be the only one not making it.   This is the picture from the magazine.  It really had a little too much green and brown in it for me so I had to put my own touch on it. 
 I really wasn't sure about the purple mountains in my red, white, and blue quilt but the words of the song say "purple mountains majesty" so in go the purple mountains.  As you can see, I also substituted the 3 diamond blocks in the original quilt for the 3 snail's trail blocks.  I thought they represent "from sea to shining sea".  I mentioned earlier that there was too much green in the original quilt.  My friends told me my  "amber waves of grain" across the bottom couldn't be navy blue and gold (the original was gold and green) but mine is!  hehe...  I really don't like ending a quilt with the pieced border so I think I'm going to add another row of solid navy fabric for the final border.

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