Monday, September 12, 2011

Sassi Pearls

I have two projects I'm working on that have to be completed before I head to Missouri to see my new granddaughter.  She hasn't made or appearance into this great world but she should anytime now.  My daughter-in-law is in labor as I write this so it won't be long now... we hope!  We don't know her name yet as mom and dad want to wait until they see her to make sure her name fits her.  And because I'm the procrastinator that I am, I haven't made her baby quilt yet.  I finally decided on a fabric and posted pictures earlier.  Last week I finally designed the quilt but I can't finish it yet because I want to put her name on it. 

The second project is a  donation quilt I committed to do for the Brownwood FFA Chapter.  Once again I procrastinated starting it because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.  This weekend while shop hopping, it came to me.  I was going to make a Brownwood Lions Quilt for them to give away.  I will post pictures of both the baby quilt and the Brownwood Lions Quilt tomorrow. 

I mentioned that I went to a Statler Stitcher Sibs meeting in San Antonio on Saturday.  Actually it was in Pleasanton, Texas just south of San Antonio.  Our hostess, Sherry has a beautiful home, full of quilts, of course and lots of hooked rugs.  Just like quilting, hooked rugs are a lost art.  Sherry has many talents.  In addition to quilting and hooked rugs, she also makes jewelry.  Since we are going on a retreat in February, and have named ourselves the "Sassi Pearls", we wanted to make pearl necklaces to wear while at the retreat.  Sassi is an acronym for something but I can't remember what... San Antonio Statler Stitcher something I think.  Anyway, Sherry helped us make pearl necklaces.  We had a great time doing it and I can honestly say I probably won't be doing that again.  But it was fun and I can check it off my bucket list.... jewelry making, check. 

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