Thursday, September 15, 2011

Quilting In the Dark

Do you know what happens when you attempt to piece something after dark when your eyes are 50 years old?  Well, let me tell you, you may not like the results in the daytime!  I know it looks like it coordinates in the pictures attached, but trust me.  It doesn't!!!

In preparation for the arrival of my new granddaughter, I thought I would go ahead and make the pieced border on the baby quilt I was planning to make her. I knew I couldn't completely finish it as I wanted to applique her name in the center and my son wasn't telling me, or anyone else for that matter, what her name was going to be. I sorted through my stash and found several prints along with a few I purchased on my recent shop hop road trip to make the border. I thought it was going to be perfect. It turned out so cute, until I took it to the not so local quilt shop (it's 20 miles away) and laid it on their table to do a little "show and tell". I was mortified when I laid it out all together. It was horrible! I remember numerous times in my past work history of working in a quilt shop and the combination of fabrics that some of the little old ladies would bring in to show. I wondered how they could see to piece something together because their eyesite certainly wasn't good enough to match anything together! Oh no! I have become the little old lady!

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