Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Quilter's Prayer

A Quilter's Prayer

Dear Lord, I don't ask or require very much
Some colorful scraps of thread, fabric and such.
A sewing machine that works all day without hitches
Sewing straight and even seams and stitches.
A hand that is steady and can work for hours
Creating wondrous, colorful birds and flowers.
A needle so short and strong and fine
That it's hard to believe this quilting is mine.
Smooth thread with no tangles, ragged edges or knots,
That glides through the batting in difficult spots.
Square corners, no lumps flat even binding,
No waves or loose threads to later be finding.
When I have all these things there is great satisfaction.
This intangible quality is the attraction.
The quilt will be beautiful, comforting to touch.
Freely given to another whom I love very much.
I love quilting in every part.
From beginning to end, it comes from my heart.
I have so many ideas of quilts to make
But sleep is my enemy; I can't stay awake,
The patterns and settings dance in my dreams
As my mind plays with fabrics and color schemes.
I pray for energy, stamina and time
To make all of the quilting ideas that are mine.
May your sorrows be patched and your joys be quilted.

I borrowed this from a post on posted by gramgonecrazy.  I wasn't able to determine if this was her original work or not but sure hope so.  At any rate, it sums up how I feel most of the time.  I'm sure I won't live long enough to use up all my stash or create all the quilts I have in my idea bank.  Which brings up another subject at that I will post at a later date... A Quilter's Last Will and Testament. 


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