Saturday, September 3, 2011

Friends, Quilting, Shopping, Food

Whew, what a day. I visited 5 quilt shops today with two of my best friends, Angela and Priscilla. Our first stop was Barb's Quilt Nook in Kingsland, TX where I bought yet another "Texas" pattern. This is a small wall hanging just 21" x 27" so it should take me long to do it... right!?

Our second stop and the remainder of the trip were all shops in the statewide "Quilt Across Texas" Shop Hop. Ready to Sew in Cedar Park, Texas didn't manage to temp me with anything! At least not anything they had in stock. I really wanted a mini lil twister ruler or the itty bitty lil twister ruler but they were out of both. Shucks! However, I frequent there as often as I can get Gregg to stop so you can bet sooner or later I will own one or both of those rulers.

Stop 3 was the Honey Bee in Austin, Texas and they had a really neat quilt made from the "Quilt Across Texas" fabrics. Neat enough that I bought their pattern. Yep, another "Texas" themed pattern and I'm not even from this great state. I'm a transplant! Here is the Honey Bee Quilt to the right.

Austin Sew & Vac in Round Rock, Texas was our 4th stop. I bought a couple of yards of a red fabric I use quite a bit in my many red, white, and blue quilts and my "Texas" quilts. Their "Quilt Across Texas" quilt is below. It was a good design too but I didn't purchase their pattern because it featured machine embroidery in the middle and I haven't convinced Gregg I really need an embroidery machine yet. Their quilt is pictured below.

Our final stop was Georgetown, Texas at Poppy's Quilt Shop. Anita and her staff are so friendly and accommodating. I didn't purchase anything there either but I did learn a shortcut to Georgetown from Brownwood so I can get their quicker the next time I go!

The best part of the whole trip was that when I returned home, Gregg was grilling steaks and portobello mushrooms for supper. I fixed some asparagus to go with it and everything tasted great.

Fun with good friends, quilting, shopping, and food! What an awesome day!


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