Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello, Quilters and Sewers. Hope you having a good day? Bad news is that I'm having a horrible day. While I was quilting a message popped up on my screen saying, "Needle not responding to needle move command. Unresponsive needle."
After numerous phone calls to technical support I find out that the motor drive has gone out on my
Gammill Statler Stitcher
I have three options, Option #1 Buy a brand new motor drive for a low, low price of 800 bucks,
Option #2 Purchase a refurbished motor drive for a mere $450, or Option #3 Send my broken
motor drive in to
possibly be fixed for a minimum of a a hundred dollars and a repair time of three to four weeks
with no guarantee that it can even be fixed.
So I have decided to buy a brand new part and I wont be able to Quilt for a week. Hopefully I can install the new part and it will work again!

Happy Quilting From The Queen :)

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