Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Making Progress on William's Quilt

His quilt is coming along. I wish he would of finished it today but that didn't happen. I want you to comment on what you think about it and if you want a pattern.

Happy Quilting From The Queen :)

Meanwhile I am finishing up one of my many UFOs. It is a mystery block exchange. Each member started with a ten inch block of their choice, fabric of their choice, and theme of their choice. The block was then passed on to the next participating member who added their block. My theme was Americana primitive cream, red, and blue ( Surprise, Surprise for those of you that know me). I've set the blocks together and added a piano key border and now working on the final border which is a checker board border.
I am also helping my son, William, with his quilt that he has designed himself. It is a nine patch quilt offset with alternating hourglass blocks and rectangles.
You will here more about William's design later on.

Happy Quilting From The Queen :)
Hello, Quilters and Sewers. Hope you having a good day? Bad news is that I'm having a horrible day. While I was quilting a message popped up on my screen saying, "Needle not responding to needle move command. Unresponsive needle."
After numerous phone calls to technical support I find out that the motor drive has gone out on my
Gammill Statler Stitcher
I have three options, Option #1 Buy a brand new motor drive for a low, low price of 800 bucks,
Option #2 Purchase a refurbished motor drive for a mere $450, or Option #3 Send my broken
motor drive in to
possibly be fixed for a minimum of a a hundred dollars and a repair time of three to four weeks
with no guarantee that it can even be fixed.
So I have decided to buy a brand new part and I wont be able to Quilt for a week. Hopefully I can install the new part and it will work again!

Happy Quilting From The Queen :)
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