Friday, October 24, 2014


I'm OFF!  .... to International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas that is.  I'm going with my friends Susan, Carla, and Kathleen from Cotton Boll Quilting.  (Speaking of Cotton Boll Quilting, go on over to their website and order up a few yards of your favorite quilt fabrics.  If you're looking for Batiks, she's got a few.  I'm not a huge Batik fan but I can assure you I found plenty of other fabrics that made my way into my suitcase.)  We're staying at Susan's sisters beautiful home in League City.  I thought I'd share a couple of the quilts in her home.

This one is called Blooming Irish Chain.  I would have never thought to put that combination of florals together in the color placement of this Irish Chain but I love it.

This one is called "Sweet and Juicy".  What a fabulous quilt to see upon entering her home.  The pineapple is a sign of welcome and it certainly does it's job here.

Of course you know I had to focus in on the quilting.

This sweet little mini is only about 12"x18".  I left the light switch in the photo so you could see the scale.  Love the hanging sleeve of ribbon.

And my favorite of all..... Margarita anyone?!!  Why yes I think I will.  (Actually I think those are Martini glasses but I don't drink Martini's so I'm calling it a Margarita glass.  It's hanging in the bar alcove.

I didn't notice this as I was taking the picture but as I look at this close up, it almost looks like a snake coming up out of that glass.  Haha!

Hope you enjoyed the quilts.  You can bet my blog will have LOTS of quilt and quilty related things in the next couple of days; providing I have internet access to do so.  Hollie is working on another post from across the sea from Japan and it should be up soon.  

But don't forget the blog hop that's going on right now.  It's in full swing and has lots of inspiration!

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Wouldn't you like to get this for a House Warming Party Gift?  I sure would!  I've only received one house warming gift that I can remember.  It was a set of towels from my brother-in-law and they were luscious, soft, beautiful white towels.  I still use them put there are no longer soft, beautiful, white towels anymore.... 11 years of use take a toll on things.

Ok, back to the House Warming Party Block of the Month Quilt. B&B Quilting in Buda, Texas is sponsoring the block of the month.  This quilt was a challenge for me to quilt.  The sashings are all different widths.  It was hard to find something that I could "expand" or "shrink" to fit in the appropriate sash and not get distorted when I did so.  It's not my "traditional" quilting style... whatever that might be.  But I'm going with that as I felt like I was "stepping out of my box" the whole time I was quilting it.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


These months roll around too fast.  I swear it was just last week that I went to the Brownwood Quilter's Guild.  Oh wait, maybe it was the last week that I was home!

We're greeted by Doniene with tickets for the "Penny Auction".  This month are some lovely pumpkin pincushions and pot holders.  Nope I didn't win them but I'll show you who did later.

And some lucky lady is going to win all these "Card Trick" blocks; our block for this month.  Nope that wasn't me either.... but it was Elaine.

And for Show and Share.... Becky has been undergoing treatment for breast cancer and she has a very heart warming story about this stack of drawstring bags.  Becky had to have 16 treatments and every day after she got home from her treatment, she would rest up and them make one of these bags.  The bags are our Guild Charity Project.  We donate them to Child Protective Services where they are filled with necessities and give to children that are removed from the home.  Becky said it was time for her to get her mind off of herself and on to others that needed her attention.  

Millie turned an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan with this quilt top.  The top in its self wasn't so ugly; it's just that it really wasn't appropriate for a baby or toddler quilt.  (Another one of our Guild Charity Projects is donating baby quilts to the hospital.)  Millie added the flower applique and it's beautiful now!

A simple bow tie quilt made by Millie also.  

And her backing is just as fabulous as the front; two quilts in one!

Lana made this t-shirt quilt for her husband's drag boat racing organization to auction off.  She's made one every year for the last 6 years and last year's quilt brought in over $6,000!!!  Wow!!!

She still had t-shirts left over so here's a few more on the back.

And she STILL had t-shirts left over so here's a small throw for a bonus!

Millie's pot holders she donated for next month's Penny Auction.

Ruby's (on the right) bear paw quilt.  Ruby tells us her late husband drove her all over the state of Texas collection the shirtings for this quilt and none of them are repeated.  She quilted it by hand!

Another WeeCare Charity Quilt that Ruby put together!

Doniene has a goal to cover all SIX of her beds at Christmas with a Christmas quilt.  This is her 1st one and she has two more that are almost complete.  She does the free motion quilting herself on her domestic machine!  

Doniene won these friendship blocks last month in the Block of the Month drawing.  She only had to make 2 more to complete the top.  And she quilted it too!  Wow, that's FAST!!!

She does fabulous free motion quilting.  Look at those feathers!

Vickie is showing off her jewelry pouch someone (wonder who that was... wink wink) made for her for her birthday.  

Robin was a happy girl when she won the fat quarter drawing!

And remember the penny auction drawing... here are the lucky winners.  Biolanda, Nancy, Joy, and Sherri!

Vickie gave our program for next month's block; a paper-pieced strip block.  You can see the complete instructions on the Guild website here.

Don't you just love Vickie's ironing station.  

That's it for this month.  We have some very talented quilters in our group.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Yep that's me, Just call me the Grim Ripper.  Because that's what I've been doing for the last 3 1/2 hours.  Monday has been one heck of a day!

What happened you ask?  Well, let me tell you...  It started like this...  I had a foot doctor appointment this morning, normally get right in and right out.. nope not today... had to wait about 30 minutes... which really isn't that long by doctor's office visit standards but not what I was expecting...went for a simple diagnosis... had to have blood work drawn..... it is the season you know for vampires that want to suck your blood... the meds he wants to give me have to have a "good liver" report as it could affect it.... now for most people drawing blood is not a big deal, especially if you're a vampire...  but for me it is... I have terrible veins and my name's not Dracula... they (the veins) roll, they stretch, they hide and it usually requires at least 2 or more sticks.... whew, survived that...

Off to Walmart... poison #2.... but had to get the rest of the Halloween stuff and get it in the mail to the grandkids... they will learn soon enough this Nana is a slacker sometimes.... then off to the dreaded post office... got there and there were 10, yes I said TEN people in line and one clerk working... it's worse than Walmart... URGH.... said skip it... well that's not really what I said but that's what I'm going with on here... I paid extra and went to Box and Mail....

Got back home just before noon....fixed lunch... went out to give Queenie a workout just a little before 1:00... quilted 30 minutes... phone rings..... "Mom, can you put some money in my account so I can go buy some Dr. Pepper".... Why sure... I don't have anything else to do...   "And did you ever call Ranger College about my transcript".... "And we still haven't filled what's needed online for the student loan".... Great! ... go back to town to the bank, call the college and sign on and take care of loan... back out to Queenie....  and realize the Christmas trees on the backing are upside down.... thus enters the .... Grim Ripper....

Here's how much I had to rip out...  The parts in red had already stitched out... I have about 2/3 of it out... I just couldn't do anymore for now... my eyes were burning, my finger was hurting, and thank goodness this girl has Mango Rum....

You can make yourself a cute little Grim Ripper wall hanging just in time for the Halloween Season... to remind you of your frightening relationship with your seam ripper... or maybe it's just me that has that relationship....

And speaking of frightening.... This blog hop is underway....  my day is next week... but don't wait for me, go see all the wicked things going on NOW....

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