Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I was able to spend some quality time at the sewing machine today.  I finished my first project for the blog hop coming in September

You know I hate keeping secrets so I'll give you just a hint of what it is.  Do you remember this lone star I worked on at retreat?

And do you remember the blocks I've been making for the Quilted Angels Online Club Challenge?  Here are the last two

So is that enough of a teaser for you for the first project?  The top is complete and ready to be quilted as soon as I get home.

I even have the binding ready.

And I cut up all the scraps.  You know the ones left over when you miter a corner.

I wish I would take the time to do this every time I finish a project.  I wouldn't end up with a box of scraps if I did.  I cut them into 2 1/2" x 6 1/2" rectangles, 3 1/2" squares, 2 1/2" squares, 2" squares, 1 1/2" squares, and 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" rectangles.  

I also made the blocks for this month for the Log Cabin Houses BOM.  I'm so proud of myself for keeping up so far.  I'm also getting excited about putting these together.  I can hardly wait to get all the months.  

And look who was cooking breakfast this morning.  Grandma had some pretty good help.  She's an expert egg cracker; Raleigh that is.  Well, Grandma is too but she's had years of experience.  She even has advise for Grandma about how to cook the bacon too.  She didn't want Nana to take her picture so thus the funny face.  I'm lovin every minute with this precious funny face girl and her sweet baby brother and their beautiful momma. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014


It's been a while since I've seen my Queenie (aka Quilting Machine) but I took some photos to remind me of what a workhorse she is.  My phone has been ringing and I must get back to her soon!  My stack is growing, and growing, and growing. There's a saying that goes something like this

Well that's how I feel about my quilts right now.  Quilting and Sewing can wait till tomorrow, Babies grow up and go back home to Japan.... I'm playing with my babies and babies don't keep!

Lane knows all about playing with her babies.  She made these two quilts for her granddaughters Brynn and Lanie.  They are just adorable!

Retro daisies were quilted in Glide Pink thread.

Spring Flowers were quilted in Glide Magic Mint Thread.

Carol made this lap quilt using the pattern Yellow Brick Road.  I'm happy to welcome Carol as a new customer!  She's been following me on my blog for quite some time now.  She was thrilled with the quilting and says she'll be back with more quilts!  Yay, that makes this Queen happy!

Feathered Hearts was the pattern used to quilt this with Glide Magic Mint thread too.

Laura made this Carpenter's Star for a graduation gift.  I love her colors!

Meandering feathers was used stitching it with Mother Goose thread.

And my favorite of the day, this sweet school house quilt my quilting group made for our friend Donna for her retirement.  Yes, she is a retired school teacher/counselor.  You might remember we gave it to her at retreat and she was thrilled.  

So that's it for now.  But never fear, I have more for another day.  And I'm still working diligently on my projects for the up and coming blog hops.  

But most importantly, have you been saving the Gingham.  I have been and I can't wait to show you.

Friday, July 18, 2014


We've had another busy week again.  I didn't finish this embroidery block on my Snowman A-Z this week.  I actually finished it 2 weeks ago when the King had some outpatient surgery.  I just forgot that I had it finished until I went to work on the remaining blocks again.  I made more progress on the remaining blocks but nothing completed yet.  I like to pick a thread color and do all the stitching for that color on all the blocks (or at least 3-4 that I have in my bag).  

I managed to sneak away to the sewing machine and finished 6 more blocks for the Farmer's Wives Quilt.  I failed to bring the sashing and corner stone blocks with me so I'll add those after I get home.

Then on Monday we snuck away with the Hollie, Raleigh, and Kameron.  We went to Branson and stayed at the Grand Country Inn, which is an indoor water park.  We thought the crowds would be less and we were right, there was hardly anyone there.  

The King and the court jester (you pick who is who) floating down the lazy river.

Nana with sweet baby Kameron watching those two float down the lazy river.

Raleigh's favorite part of the water park was the dumping of the huge water bucket.  It would fill every 15 minutes or so.  When it was close to being full and dumping, it would trigger a bell that would ding for about 10 seconds before it dumped.  The kids would come running from all over the park to have it dump on them.  As you can see, Raleigh was the only one in the park at one time.

Uncle William with sweet baby Kameron.

Then we went to the Hollywood Wax Museum.  Raleigh had a great time mocking the poses of the wax figures.

Poppy with Bob Hope.

Nana and Poppy with Willie Nelson.

I was quite impressed with the detail of the wax people.  

William with Dale Earnhart Jr.

We also played a round of mini golf but Nana had some sweet little girl playing with her phone and ran the battery down so there were no pictures of mini golf.
We returned home on Tuesday evening, only to turn around and go back to Springfield early Wednesday morning to attend William's 2 day freshman college orientation at Missouri State University.

On our way to lunch, I noticed this huge quilt hanging in the stairwell.

What a fabulous memorial to 9/11.  But I question, how do they keep the fabrics from fading?  I put a quilt out on the screened porch and in just one summer it faded on the fold lines.

Parents attended sessions and students attended different sessions. I'm not sure we really learned a thing but we did get registered for classes for fall.  

They provided a "Kodak" moment and encouraged us to take a picture now and another one when the student graduates in 4 years.  I hope they're right about graduating in 4 years.  :)

And I couldn't resist this photo  of the King and the Court Jester as we were leaving campus.

Monday, July 14, 2014


Madamme Samm over at Sew We Quilt had the most fabulous idea after our wonderful Perfect Picnic Blog Hop.  She thought it would be wonderful to take a break this summer and make some memories with our families.  And all of you know that's what I've been doing.  However, I really haven't been slacking because there are two blog hops coming your way and I have been preparing for both of them.

The first one to come is this one.

Now isn't that just the perfect ending to a wonderful summer or is a perfect beginning to a fabulous fall?  Either way.... I'll SEE YOU IN SEPTEMBER with 3 projects.

And the second blog hop coming your way is this one.

You know I've said it more than once, "I'm always a day late and lots of dollars short".  So how could I pass up a blog hop called "RUSH HOUR"?  It fits me to a tee!  My mother has always told me if I didn't have a deadline I wouldn't get anything done and as usual and sadly, Mom is always right.  It is my good intention to finish this project(s) well before the Rush Hour deadline but you know me....  We shall see....

Both my blog hop projects will have a bit of gingham in them because you know WE MUST SAVE THE GINGHAM!!!

Riley Blake has the most awesome gingham.  It is just lovely.  If you use gingham in any of your sewing projects and haven't tried Riley Blake's Gingham, you really must!  You won't use anything else once you do.  It is the best there is out there.  SO, Go buy some or order some from your quilt shop TODAY!

AND, if you'd like to participate in either of these blog hops, hop on over to Sew We Quilt and check out the details and join in on the fun.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


There hasn't been much sewing going on around here this last week but there sure has been a lot of spoilin' going on!  These sweet cheeks arrived on Tuesday and this Nana is making up for lost time!

We have shopped till we dropped!  And we are outfitted from head to toe.  We have new hair accessories, earrings, necklace, blouse, shorts, and flip-flops!

We have another new outfit, a pink blouse and matching shorts, more hair accessories, and supplies to tie dye a t-shirt....

Not a good picture of the bag but Nana made this Hello Kitty bag for her and she has filled it to the brim with goodies and carries it everywhere!

And Nana even got a new pair of flip flops too!

We spent quite a bit of time in Joann's Fabrics picking the perfect fabric and pattern for a skirt, blouse, and dress.  Raleigh will make her first sewing project, a skirt from the navy print fabric and Nana will make a matching blouse from the pink fabric and a dress from the orange"stretchy" fabric.

We've been working diligently on the skirt

Ta Da!!!  The finished skirt.  She did a fabulous job on!  She is so proud of it!

And going to the fair every day!

 And making cookies; grandpa's favorite - Peanut Butter cookies. Interestingly enough, Raleigh loves peanut butter, eats it by spoonfuls from the jar but really doesn't like Peanut Butter cookies.

I think they would be blue ribbon cookies if we were to enter them at the fair.  They were delicious.  We also have supplies to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies at Raleigh's request.  I have no idea where she got it in her busy little mind to make them.  Her momma says she's never made them but she is insistent upon making them.  So make them we will!

Poppy even got a chance to spoil these sweet cheeks too!

 One more picture of Kam-man (aka Kameron).  He is such a happy little boy!

This week promises to be just as busy as last week.  We have a water park to investigate, a 2-day freshman college orientation to attend and much, much more spoiling to do!