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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Welcome to our NEW Fabric Shop!

Hello Friends!

I can't tell you how exciting it has been here at the Quilt Queen Designs Studio! We have hit the road vending at local Quilt Shows and sharing our passion for our X-Blocks templates! One thing we noticed at these shows is that our customers wanted something we didn't have.  FABRIC! We have beautiful samples hanging in our booth that show all kinds of things our X-Blocks templates can do.
Our booth at the Rio Grande Valley Quilt Show.

Of course, we use fabric we LOVE, and everyone else loves it too! I can't tell you how sad we were having to tell people, "No, I'm sorry, we don't have a kit." Or, "Well, we used Tula Pink's Slow and Steady but we don't have the fabric to sell."
The Queen's Jewels Sample hanging at Fall Quilt Festival in Houston

We listen to our customers. You all are the reason we do this. So, that's right, our first shipments of fabric have started arriving and we are busy making new samples so we can offer kits in our booth and on our website. You can also find them at The Queen's Rustic Retreat!
Clara in Tuppence

Morning Star in Roam Sweet Home

Thornton in Aqua Batiks

Psalm in Magic Colors

While we only have just over 60 bolts right now, we will be receiving more shipments weekly!  Currently, we have a nice selection from the Kaffe Fassett Collective by Free Spirit, Tula Pink Designer Solids also by Free Spirit and a small collection of blenders. I did some cutting so I could take pictures to share with you.

Kaffe Fassett Delft Pots

Tula Pink Designer Solids by Free Spirit

Kaffe Fassett Collective

Kaffe Fassett Collective

Kaffe Fassett Collective

Tula Pink's All-Stars, Pom Pom's and Stripes will be here next week!

We will be setting up shop at the Golden Triangle Quilt Guild Quilt Show and Market in Beaumont, Texas at Ford Park on April 13 and 14. If you are in the area, we would love to see you and show you how our templates work! Have a wonderful day and thank you for spending time with us!


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blop Hop 2018

Hello My Royal Subjects Blog Readers.  Welcome to the Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop 2018.  I'm sew glad you stopped in.  It's been a while since I posted last, would you believe 5 months!  My how time does fly!  This year's theme for Quilt Qwazy Queens is UFO's.  Now that's a subject I know a lot about.  In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm in the running for the most UFO's Queen.  I just keep accumulating more and more.  The last two years have really added to my UFO number as I sure haven't completed many and sure have started many more.

Since my purchase of the X-Blocks Company, I accumulated many more UFO's.  I made lots of samples with that purchase and many of the samples have a "bonus" project using the "cut offs".  Of course, I can't throw anything away and I saved all those "cut-offs" in hopes of making that "bonus" project someday.  Thus my UFO's increased exponentially.  Although I didn't complete all the "bonus" projects, at least I've got one more to cross off the list.

I picked the Thornton X-Blocks Quilt Cut-offs to work with.  You can find the Thornton pattern here.

This shows the block and the cut-offs from each block. I'm using the 6 1/2" X-blocks template.

I began by sorting the cut-offs into like piles.

I then paired a darker cut-off with a background cut-off and sewed them together.

I squared them to a 2 1/2" x 5" rectangle.

And sewed them into pairs.

Once again, I squared them to a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" square.  

Now sew 4 units together to make a block.

You will need 10 blocks for the table runner.

YAY!  Another UFO is crossed off the list.

And just so you don't think I'm a total slacker; here are a few of the UFO's I've completed over the last few months.

This is Moth in the Window.  I started it at the Bonnie Hunter Retreat I went to in August 2017 in Iowa.

A modern Traffic Jam that I started while living in Illinois.  You can find the Traffic Jam pattern here.

Americana Stars and Stripes Sampler that I started many years ago while living in Brownwood, Texas

Log Cabin Houses was a block of the month started in Brownwood, Texas.  I took it to many retreats before it was finished.

Moda free pattern from about 2015.... maybe???  

Although I don't always heed my advice, the best way to finish UFO's is to divide and conquer and/or set aside a small amount of time each day or week to work on UFO's.  It is surprising how much you can get done in a 15-minute session each day or week.  Another way to finish UFO's is to use them as leaders and enders.  If you're not familiar with leaders and enders, you can read about them here

Quilt Qwazy Queens Blog Hop is hosted by Marion at Seams to be Sew and has some pretty amazing sponsors.

Quilt Qwazy Queens has some equally amazing bloggers participating in this hop.  Check out the schedule and go visit the other Queens and see what they've got on the UFO list.

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But wait... There's more... we have a giveaway too!

The FatQuarter Shop March 15 - 22, 2018
150.00 Gift Certificate

X-Block Rulers = US Shipping Only BasiX Template, Baby BasiX, 6 1/2 X-Block, 6 1/2 X-Block Mini, 6 1/2 X-Block BellyButton Rulers/Templates
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope it's not another 5 months before we meet again.  Actually, it won't be.  Amy at Sew Incredibly Crazy is hosting an X-Blocks Blog Hop in May.  You won't want to miss it!  See you then, if not before!


Thursday, November 16, 2017

I'm Back Again

I'm back again.... It's been almost a year since I have posted... and oh the things that have happened in that year.

Let's start with the Retreat House.  The Queen's Rustic Retreat is doing very well.  We are booked very consistently and lots of folks are having a grand time retreating. It seems like there is always something new going on or something new being added.  We've replaced an a/c unit, the oven, the dishwasher, the refrigerator, added a water cooler, a second additional new refrigerator, cut down trees, landscaped, just to name a few.

Prior to his retirement we took our annual cruise in April 2017.

Then a few weeks later we took another cruise, this time a Quilting Cruise with a new to us cruise line, Royal Caribbean.  Somehow I missed a picture with Carol Doak.  She was our first class on the Quilting Cruise.  Daniela Stout was out second class.  I almost finished the quilt project she taught.  I might have but I decided to change out the color on one of the blocks so had to wait until I got home for more fabric.

And our third class was with Debbie Maddy's Labyrnth.  I did finish that one but alas, it's still not quilted.

Then in June, we took another trip to celebrate two things:  The King's retirement and a good friend's destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.

Guess I missed getting a photo of the King with the bride and groom.  Maybe he was taking the picture.

The beautiful wedding party!

July took us to our former home place of Benton, Arkansas to spend the 4th of July with wonderful friends there.

In July, we also purchased 1.3 acres of property directly behind the Queen's Rustic Retreat.  It has a "warehouse" on it that is basically a shell of a building that is 40' x 80'.  We have decided to retrofit that as our new house.  We've hired a contractor and the plans are coming along very nicely.  The contractor tells us we have a completion date of late December 2017.  I can hardly wait.

When the move to the new house happens, we will use the upstairs bedrooms that we currently reside in for additional beds for the retreat house, taking it from a 12 guest facility to a 20 guest facility.

August brought the biggest news of all so far.  We purchased the X-Blocks Company from Patricia Pepe and drove to California to complete the sale and move the inventory to Texas.

We are so excited to be the new owners.  If you're not familiar with X-blocks, you can visit our webpage here.  On our way to California, we detoured to Yuma AZ to visit the grandkids (and daughter and son-in-law too).

With the new X-Blocks business aquisition, we made the decision to hire some much needed help.  Joy Tapley joins the Quilting Queen Enterprises LLC staff.  She is a life saver in so many ways.  Her official title is designer/instructor but she'll do anything I ask.  And I do mean anything.  She's even cleaned a few toilets, cooked a meal or two for retreat guests, made beds, ran errands... you name it and she does it with smile.  I couldn't ask for a better assistant!  

It has been a whirlwind trying to get samples made, prepare for our first Quilt Show (back in California, Pacific International Quilt Festival),

and the biggest prep and quilt show of them all, Houston Quilt Market and Houston Quilt Festival in late October and early November.

We released 4 new patterns for Xblocks.

This is Victoria Borealis

Twirling Posies


The Queen's Jewels

Miraculously we all survived and had a good time, learned a lot, and sold a few rulers and patterns.

I'll leave you with this cute little mug rug we designed using X-Blocks.  It's a free pattern and you can find it on our Facebook page soon.

Thank you for staying with me in my absence.  I hope to be back a little more often in the future.

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